prada oxford shoes women make you so charming in the world for free shipping, Over 400 Luxury Designers · Exclusive Collections Cheap Designer Bags "christian louboutin sneakers women According to fashion experts, every woman should own a pair of pearl earrings. They are timeless as they never go out of style and very versatile as they can be worn on any occasion. You can buy your very own pair from Pearl Accessory which boasts of a wide array of styles and designs at different price points.Its earrings are set in gold, platinum or sterling silver and use high-grade cultured pearls such as saltwater pearls Akoya, Tahitian or South Sea and freshwater pearls for their jewelry.What's the difference among these pearls?1. "Akoya" pearlsAkoya pearls are revered among the saltwater pearls because of their classic white hue, perfectly round shape and high luster. These pearls come from the small Pinctada fucata oyster and are cultured mainly in Japan and China.2. Tahitian pearls"Tahitian" pearls are grown in black-lipped "Pinctada magaritifera" oysters and farmed in the waters of French Polynesia. These pearls are named after the overseas French territory's largest and most popular island, Tahiti, which serves as the pearl's central trading area. The Tahitian pearl is the only pearl that naturally achieves its black body color but may also come in a variety of dark hues such as gray, silver, green, blue and purple.3. South Sea pearlsThese pearls are the rarest and most expensive of the lot. South Sea pearls come in two colors, lustrous white and golden yellow, which are produced by the large white-lipped and gold-lipped "Pinctada maxima" oyster, respectively. These coveted gems are cultured in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.4. Freshwater pearlsThe most versatile among the pearls, freshwater pearls usually come in baroque form with only 2% having nearly perfect round shapes. These pearls come in white and muted tints such as pink and lavender.For your first pearl earrings, it is always best to start with pearl studs. Either set alone with the pearl as the only focal point or embellished with diamonds or any precious or semi-precious stone. Pearl studs convey understated elegance. They make a casual getup like a plain shirt and everyday jeans look extra special, and a formal outfit like a little black dress look spectacular.At Pearl Accessory, you can inch your way from pearl studs to other earring styles such as drop earrings and hoop earrings.Whatever earring style that will catch your fancy, always consider the contour of your face as this would enhance the way you look.1. Long rectangle or triangle drop style earrings are best for round face shapes.2. Large Round or hoop earrings are recommended for square face shapes to soften their look.3. Drop earrings for heart face shapes.4. Any style of earring for oval face shapes as this is considered the ideal face shape.But if you have the personality and attitude then it would not matter whatever style or design you end up buying. What is important is how you feel. And besides, with pearl earrings you can never do wrong.,Among the many discoveries archeologists make about ancient civilizations are jewelries. Earrings and bracelets especially, have a long history of adorning women of royalty and women from the upper crust of society. In some cultures, cuff bracelets were worn by women to symbolize their marital status. In ancient Egypt, only pharaohs, queens and princesses wore the most elaborate cuffs made of gold and jewels while the lesser members of the court were not allowed to wear them.The fact that women loved to adorn themselves with jewels for a lot of reasons other than just complementing their outfit tells us how much they love to express their personalities and inadvertently their personal beliefs about important things in life. Statement jewelry, as they are fondly referred to, are more than just cheap costume jewelry - in fact, they don't look like your average costume jewelry at all.Made from materials like gold, silver, brass and copper, they can be made with various embellishments and done using the most intricate designs to make them pop. Also, the fact that synthetic materials these days have improved by leaps and bounds, wearing statement jewelry made from them has become such a big trend, primarily because these bracelets are made to match virtually any look without looking cheap.Accessorizing with cuff bracelets also means that you don't have to follow any set fashion rules. It only requires the wearer to possess a spunky and adventurous attitude that is essential in pulling off today's eye-catching looks. This is one reason why cuff bracelets are mostly seen worn by Hollywood celebrities who are never afraid to experiment and explore with different looks. Whether they are worn solo or stacked or worn on the wrist or on your upper arms, they make for unmistakable fashion statements that immediately get you noticed.Since these bracelets can be made to fit varying arm widths and are available in various sizes is another reason why many women consider wearing them. The versatility they offer is also a plus since you can wear them with jeans and a shirt or expensive designer gowns and still look effortlessly chic. If you ask any designer or fashion expert about what makes them such a big hit with fashionistas everywhere, they will tell you that it all boils down to two things: the design and the price.Intricate, one-of-a-kind designs, ones that represent cultural icons and evoke tradition with a modern edge, are particularly huge in the fashion scene these days. They are able to go with your basic white shirts to your LBDs (little black dress) and can be worn anywhere from a bar mitzvah to a wedding rehearsal dinner.Pair it with lace and velvet, you get a completely unique avant garde look. You can wear a cuff bracelet on its own or paired with other pieces of jewelry and still make an impact. Whether you get your bling from a yard sale or in a department stores, cuff bracelets are one trend you can truly go crazy with and always come out looking fierce, cool and in.,The annual Los Angeles Fashion Week is held every March and October in venues throughout the city. The event began as 'Press Week,' in which fashion journalists nationwide were invited to see SoCal clothing collections. Most of the action happens in the L.A. Fashion District, a business improvement district supported by more than 700 property owners. The District spans about 90 blocks and is the fulcrum of the Los Angeles apparel industry.

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