prada cervo antik Outlet online shop,Get More Discount, With Wholesale Price,Free Shipping outlet belstaff ted baker selfridges One of the cities which have remained untapped by the fashion industry is Chennai. Come December, the city is going to witness the largest fashion week of the country, or so they claim! Chennai International Fashion Week (CIFW) will see the participation of more than 10 international designers from 12 countries across the globe along with a hoard of our talented Indian designers. With the vision of providing an international platform to the Indian designers to showcase and market their collections to the global fashion world, the gala event is scheduled for December 14-20, 2014 at the luxurious Le Royal Meridian in Chennai. It is also aimed at showcasing India as an important fashion destination for foreign buyers and designers' who want to make it big in the South-east Asian markets.,You just can't get the better of the Indian fashion frat, can you? Little had the dust settled over the shocking arrest of Vijay Singh of FDPC that speculations have risen again! With FDCI's Van Heusen India Men's Fashion Week slated for Sep 11-13 and the FDPC's India Fashion & Design Week scheduled for Oct 23-27; one thing is sure guys- the idea of one fashion week in the capital has been thrown out of the nearest window! There's more, the grapevine has it, Wills India Fashion Week will be held in Delhi from Oct 25-29, which, if true, means that we are back to square one, or square three, if I may say. In a strong letter sent out to all designer members on Monday this week, the FDCI categorically stated 'We are unaware of how the FDPC will now proceed. At the same time we have the responsibility of conducting a successful Fashion Week. 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